Why did contacts disappear in WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is the most usable and beloved by users of the new generation instant messengers that develop with us and our preferences.

Why contacts were lost in WhatsApp, and the status appeared – this is the question users asked after the next update of the application. Many are perplexed by this, because certain things have changed, and it isn’t elementary to understand what’s what.

Calm down! No panic! Contacts have not disappeared. Now you can find them by clicking on the button in the lower right corner in the “Chats” or “Calls” section – all your friends are there.

The fact is, in WhatsApp, Status appeared instead of Contacts in WhatsApp, which resembles the “Stories” already known to you from other social networks. You can get used to any changes. So don’t be upset, but instead study a new cool status tab, and you will find out how much new for us the application developers are doing!

In WhatsApp, you can still chat with all your friends using a modern and convenient way of communication. The program, as before, will determine which of your comrades also uses WhatsApp by reading them from the phone’s address book.

How to make an empty status in WhatsApp: cheat sheet

How to make an empty status in WhatsApp messenger if the developer did not provide such an opportunity? Indeed, it will not work to altogether remove the line with your state. There should somehow be written a short word or at least a smiley face (yes, even a dot!), which you will change depending on your mood.

You cannot make an empty status in WhatsApp, the application will show an error, and there is nothing you can do about it. But this is generally not a reason for frustration, and even more. Hence, dissatisfaction, because most often the main thing is not a line with your condition, but beautiful and useful functions of a messenger created for active Internet communication.

You can remove the line with the state in WhatsApp as follows:

  • go to the “Settings”;
  • you get to the profile page and click on the track called “Information and …”;
  • and then write something, at least put a point, the application will not let you save the field, if it is empty, it will give an error, so you have to cheat.

It is how you can find this field on your Android phone and also do it on the iPhone:

  • ¬†Why did your friend have an empty WhatsApp status? No, it’s not quite like that, take a closer look, maybe there’s a dot or some icon there. If you don’t want to write anything, at least put * or there cannot be a completely white line.

We wish you fresh communication and remember that such technical nuances should not distract you from the main advantages when using the messenger!