What is Wheel Washing Construction Site Technology?


Construction site technology is a place where many building materials are collected. Those materials can lead to the contamination of the environment around the construction site. In addition, the pollutant particles are of fine size. Therefore, it will be dangerous for the people who are working and living around the construction site. The condition is getting worse since there are many trucks transporting materials to the construction site. The wheels of the trucks bring the pollutants from the construction to the public road and outside the construction site. It can spread the pollutants to the citizens around that area. In order to overcome this problem, some construction sites install the wheel washing construction site technology or radwaschanlagen.

The Wheel Wash of Moby Dick

There are many companies that offer wheel washing construction site technology. One of them is Moby Dick. This company offers the best quality in the wheel washing machine with the newest technology. The wheel washing machine can prevent the spread of mud, dust, and other pollutant contaminants. So, the environment close to the construction site will be safe and clean.

The Technology of Wheel Wash

Moby dick incorporates the recent pump technology and FRUTIGER to produce such a high-quality performance. This incorporation can produce low-pressure systems which enable to create a higher level of cleanliness during the washing process. The low pressure also will be more effective than the high pressure. Why? The high pressure will waste more water since the water will be spread and splash in high volume. Meanwhile, the low pressure will clean the machine thoroughly and use less water. Another advantage is the low pressure of Moby Dick’s Wheel Washing is consuming less energy. So, this wheel washing machine is more eco-friendly. That’s why many construction sites choose the wheel washing machine from Moby Dick because of its advantages.