Applications of Custom made Coils as Location Sensors In Medical Field

Custom made micro coils are nowadays used in the Medical field to resolve complex issues related to the human body. Various instruments are being used for proper diagnosis as well as treatment of diseases. Those instruments are manufactured by the use of a Custom-made micro-coil. This is completely a new technology that is being implemented in the medical field.


Before going straight into the application of Custom Made micro coil as a location sensor, let us just try to understand the process behind its working

Let us consider three coils X, Y and Z placed in a certain position facing each other. The magnetic field that is generated is broadcasted towards the other coils that are placed in space.

When we apply an electrical voltage between the coils, each of the coils X, Y and Z will identify the other coils placed in certain position and determine whether they are moving far away or closer from each other. The interesting fact about the process is the sensor that is built with the help of these Custom-made coil has the capacity to transmit and identify its own location.

Now that you have understood the working principle involved behind these Custom made coil it is time for us to have a look on its implementation in the medical field

In the medical field, it is important to rely on location. In case of cardiac health related diagnosis, there is a need for location sensing. The location sensors are used for the various invasive processes where it is not possible for any doctors to find where he is at. The instruments that are used into the catheters through a vein or any specific point on the human body must have the capability of proper identification of the location as the doctor doesn’t have a clear line of sight. For this purpose, either a camera or a location sensor is used.

In this blog, we have covered the working of Custom made micro coils and how these Custom made coils are used for sensing of locations as location sensors. I hope you have captured a clear picture of the whole scenario and understood the importance of location sensors and the coils that are used in location sensors.

To end up with it is noteworthy to say that these Custom-made coils have bought a revolution in the medical field with its implementation in location sensors. We will cover some other topics on Custom made micro coil in our next blog.