Understanding the Homework and Things to Make More Useful

Lido Learning

Homework has been the crucial topic in the education. Some people agree that this one should be in the curriculum. On the contrary, more people think giving homework is useless. Both have logical and scientific argument with solid proof. This situation becomes more distress when something bad happens for example stress, mental illness, and suicide. In order to overcome this problem, both must sit together and find solution. In this case, you should start with the students themselves because they are the key actors who will work and finish the homework. In general, parents do not have issue as long as the children have willingness. They will support with time, foods, space, room, and any excuse to ensure their kids can learn and study with utmost comfortable condition. This is why you should know more about parents homework and fun way out. It’s time to look from new perspective due to the world is at the ongoing change. Decades ago, the homework was nuisance and problem for student. Today, such era is no longer relevant due to teachers and parents can the way out to do homework fun.

Doing Homework to Be More Interesting, Useful, and Engaging

It is definitely the big challenge to turn the nuisance and problem into fun and exciting. You cannot just give the homework and let students finish. The first step is about the nature of homework. You start with why most school and education system have this one. If it is useless, you will not find in any system since long time ago. People in old time even ancient era had system to ensure students could understand the topic, subject, and lesson. You might not find something fancy with term and steps. However, giving homework seemed to be the most reliable and relevant way of learning. They did not care whether the students would like or not. The purpose was learning reached its purpose. The hardship, struggle, effort, and sacrifice were the core of education since that time. You want to know how the math works and it takes time. You spend more time and think ultimately how to solve the problem. Due to limited amount of time in the school, the homework is given to students so that they learn at home. This is what people in old time did. They implement until today and the controversy is started.

You already know why the homework is necessary and important. Students go to school from morning until afternoon. In some countries, the school time might be shorter or longer but usually less than 10 hours. Of course, it is different when your kids attend the boarding school or in the college. In regular education system, learning in the school is not full-time. Teachers must create lesson plan including testing and many things to keep learning more interesting. On the other side, the responsibility is done after school time is over. The parents must be in charge because students are no longer in the school. This situation make home as the next place to study. The parents have homework, which is to ensure their kids do their task and study. With homework, they have guide where to start and what is topic that student must understand. Another problem arises due to home is lack of resources and most parents do not have enough knowledge to do teaching. Situation becomes severe when parents have more children in the school, and they are no idea what to do. The reason why they send children into school is to obtain better education, job, and future. On the other side, some parents can overcome several topics related to their children study. Of course, some of lessons are out of their capacity and proficiency.

To handle this situation, you should look for another method. This era brings more useful technology to support education. The homework is no longer problem anymore. The solution is interactive online learning with live classes, private tutor, and other supports. You need to consider this one as the right solution. Children can learn about math, science, and more subjects will come. They do need to be in certain place. The learning session is via internet. This is what you get from Lido Learning. Before your skeptical mind start to complain and think negative, you must understand this platform is not just online course. The most services will let users pay the subscription and attend the class anytime they want. It sounds interesting and more people like. However, it is lack of discipline and Lido wants the learning gives more meaning. Students and users have intention to be on time during live session. Of course, there is exception and excuse when they cannot be on time. This platform understands the importance of education and homework with the fun way to solve at home.