Safesleeve Phone Case 101

What is a Safesleeeve Phone Case?

A Safesleeve phone case offers protection against harmful electromagnetic radiation waves that are constantly passing through phones, tablets, and other electronic devices. These phone cases have EMF blocking materials stitched into these cases, allowing users to continue using their devices without suffering the damaging side effects of radiation exposure. These phone cases come in a variety of designs, colors, and styles to suit everyone’s taste and individuality. In addition, these cases are available for all types of phones including android and Ios, tablets, laptops, and many other devices. They also offer cases with credit card slots, access ports, and many clasps to keep the device securely inside the case.


How it Works

A Safesleeve EMF protection case has an EMF blocking material embedded into the front flap of the case. This front flap covers the face of the phone and reduces the number of radioactive wavelengths that come out of the front of the phone. This electromagnetic radiation is reflected to other areas reducing the amount of exposure one receives when the phone is in their hand, pocket, or anywhere close to the body. As the EMF material reduces the amount of exposure coming out of the front flap, users may notice a higher EMF reading coming from the back or sides of the phone as the wavelengths must go somewhere.

In addition, these protective phone cases only feature EMF materials in the front flap and not in the entire phone case. The reason behind this is that if the entire case gets embedded with EMF blocking materials, the user would not be able to use their phone while it’s in its case. The front flap of the case must cover the phone to block out the EMF wavelengths being emitted through the phone, and it’s important to keep the phone as far away from the body as possible when it’s not in use to avoid additional exposure.

Why it’s Important

Researchers have known for many years that cell phones, tablets, and other electronics emit electromagnetic radiation. There are many studies that show how these EMF wavelengths can cause a variety of health problems in users who expose themselves to these wavelengths. While there are several things that users can do to protect themselves and reduce their exposure, nothing works as effectively as a Safesleeve EMF protection phone case. These cases have proven to cut the number of wavelengths being emitted through the front of phones, tablets, and other devices without affecting their functionality.

In fact, a Safesleeve protection case will not affect the signal when it comes to receiving or sending phone calls or text messages, even if the front flap covers the front of the phone. Users can answer or send phone calls and then close the front flap to help reduce their exposure even while using their phones. In addition, these cases are especially important for children who’ve already entered into the technological world. Children are especially vulnerable to the effects of electromagnetic waves that come from these devices and need protection against them.

As technology continues to advance and come out with new and improved devices, it’s important that everyone take the right steps to protect themselves from the harmful effects of repeated exposure to EMF wavelengths. With these Safesleeve cases, users can continue using the latest and greatest pieces of technology, while protecting themselves from undesirable health complications. As users can see, a Safesleeve case offers more than a stylish, trendy case to protect their device, it offers them peace of mind and the confidence to use their electronics responsibly.