Know your visitors with The Matcher24

If you’re a lucky person that has a business account, you may need to optimize your account to promote your service and products. There are many platforms that can be used for promoting your products and service such as Xing. But the thing is that you don’t know about the number of your profile visitors.  You may need to install the Watcher24 application. This application is a part of the Xing Visitor Smartphone App. It will help you to count the number of your visitors. No need to worry if you are a busy person. Matcher24 is an application that works for 24 hours. It will help you to save time. Once you know the number of visitors that have visited your business account, you are curious to know who the visitors are. Well, in this case, you may need to register as a premium member. Why? Here, the reason is.

Becoming the premium member of the Watcher24.

If you register as the premium member of The Matcher24, you get the chance to know the profile of your visitors. Yes, the premium member has the ability to see the profile of visitors. How does it work? Well, when the visitors visit the business account of the member, there will be a notification that is sent to the premium member. It will increase the curiosity of the member. So, they will visit the profile of visitors. On the other hand, if the member sees more profile visitors on Xing, there will be more visitors on their business account. And, that will give many benefits for the member. How is it? It is interesting, isn’t it? If the number of visitors is increased, it will be easier for the member to promote their service and products. They can put the description, link, and picture on the “Portfolio” section. This will gain more interest in people to know more about your service and products. By using the link on the description section, they will go directly to your website and aware of your products.


 A chance for your business account

Speaking about the promotion of products and services, especially for the startup company, means that taking an opportunity to expand their business. Almost 16 million people become a member. There are about 60% of them are premium members. It shows good things about becoming a premium member. Let’s imagine that there are 30 people visit your business account every day. Then, you take a look at all of their profiles. How many people will visit your business account in a month? It’s about 900 people who will visit your profile. Moreover, when the member sees more profile visitors, there will be more visitors that visit their own profiles as mentioned above. It sure can make a chance to promote and expand their business. Regarding these advantages, it’s not too much to say that by installing the Wacther24 and become a premium member is a chance for the business account to improve their business.