Building Your Gaming PC with Affordable Price

To have a gaming PC that they can use to play many different games is the dream of many people. Unfortunately, the price of parts that you need to build your gaming PC is not that that cheap. As a matter of fact, one part can easily cost you around 100 dollars. Meanwhile, in a computer, you need around seven to ten parts at least. That means you need to spend around 700 dollars to get the nice gaming PC that you want. That is not something cheap for some people. That is why if you want to start building your own gaming PC, you can start with these things for your cheaper gaming PC. These options will help you to get the gaming PC that you want with the affordable price.


Use One RAM Card

Some people think that using two RAMs will improve the performance of your PC. It is something true, but it is recommended for you to use one RAM only. The reason is because using two RAMs will consume more power that your processor can use. So, it is better to invest on larger RAM capacity and use one rather than buying two RAMs with smaller capacity. As an addition to that, buying one RAM card will surely cost you less than buying two RAM cards even though they both have the same capacity at the end. So, keep that in your mind.

Find the Latest GPU Card

GPU card plays a very important role in giving the high quality gaming experience that you want. That is why you need to make sure that you get the high quality GPU card. One thing that you need to highlight is that you need to get the latest one with the most affordable price that you can pay. For example, there is a new 2GB GPU with 70-dollars price and an old 4GB GPU card with the same price. It is better for you to get the new one despite of the capacity. It is because the GPU has the newest and latest technology that can surely fit for the future upgrade. This way, you can still have the good gamer PC for some times in the future.

Get the SSD, Not the HDD

It is true that many PC games nowadays will take a lot of spaces in your hard drive. Even though, that is not the reason why you need to skip the SSD because of the capacity that you can get. Talking about the budget, it is true that the cost of SSD is slightly more expensive than the HDD. However, the quality of SSD is far better than the HDD. As an addition to that, the processing speed of an SSD is six to ten times faster than the HDD in average. That means if you want to do a lot of gaming, it is recommended for you to use the SSD. What about the large games that need a lot of spaces? You can easily get the cheap HDD and use it as the external drive.