Difference between wet saw and dry saw

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Tile wet saw vs. dry saw


To describe this in simple terms as the name suggests tile wet saw uses liquid along with the cutting of the materials and dry saw does not use any liquid during the cutting process. Dry saws can be used for small jobs and for cutting mosaic tiles. One of the example for the dry saw is the snap cutter. Other than tile cutting many other industrial works rely on dry saws. Now you got a question why tile saws using liquids in the cutting process. You will understand after this session.


Saws in Ancients times


Did you ever wonder how ancient people cut the marbles and build big palaces and castles?
Even In this modern era cutting a marble is very difficult. This operation needs high-end technologies and advanced machinery such as cranes, bulldozers, drillers, etc. and highly experienced professionals to do the job perfectly but still, ancient Greeks manage to dig the marbles and cut them into the perfect shapes. According to the researchers, they said that marbles are cut using saw blades.

They slowly cut the marble materials with the help of oils such as olive oil and water is used to wash away the scrap particles around the work area. Others say that they use a type of wedge to crack down the marbles and place it in the water for few hours to cut it down completely. It is very long and time-consuming process. The achievements they made are still one of most exclaimed works done by the humans.

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Tile wet saw


Tile wet saw is famous among the other tile cutters. This wet saw can cut any type of tiles from soft to hard one.
Tile wet saw can cut porcelain, glass, concrete, marbles, ceramics and many other. Because of the many advantages that this tile wet saw offers it is considered as the best. This wet cutter is available from hand held to a table top. Tile wet saw has a particular chamber or reservoir for storing liquids or coolants. This liquid is made to flow over the blades by using individual pumps.

This pump continuously delivers fluid to the blades in the tile wet saw. The blades are also known as wheels covered with diamonds at the edge. The tiles are solid, to match that force diamond the hardest substance in the metals is the suitable choice for using it in the blades of the tile wet saw. The blades of this wet cutter are not sharp. It is very dull. When this dull blade starts to rotate at very high speed and made in contact with the materials, then it slowly grinds and cut the tile.

Tile wet saw does not cut directly it slowly grinds because if the tile is cut with a sharp blade, then it probably cracks the material. These cracks create imperfections and waste the work. To prevent this, they use the dull blades. Quality tile wet saw is very expensive, but it will cover all the needs of the professionals.

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Comparison of tile wet saw with other dry saws


1.Dry saw creates a lot of noise during operation, but the noise level is low in tile wet saw when compared to the dry saw.
2.Tile wet saw can cut hard, and sturdy materials but dry saw can’t cut tough materials. It can be used for cutting thin and soft materials.
3.Dry cutter pollutes the environment, but tile wet saw is environment-friendly.
4.The scrap and mist formation is low in the tile wet saw, but the waste and smog formation is very high in the dry one.
5.The friction between the tile and the blade is very little in the tile wet saw because of the liquid used in the process, but the resistance is very high between the tool(blade) and the work(tile) in the dry one.
6. Dry saw creates smoke when cutting due to the heavy friction acts on the material. The smoke leads to start burning the materials, but in the tile, wet saw the friction is very low because of the liquid which acts as a coolant, and thus the fluid flow over the blades prevent burn and smoke and this liquid flush away the scrap particles from the work table.
7.The accuracy of the wet cutter is higher than the dry cutter.
8.Both the saws are very portable.
9.Wet saws are expensive than the other cutters.
10.The life time of the blades in the tile wet saw is higher than the dry cutters because of the low overheating and friction.

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It’s not about which is better than other because both are important in their respective field.
The type you buy is mainly based on your need and the material that you are going to cut.