Easy way wave to unlock

Wave to unlock, Lock app is a completely unique display screen locker app where it makes use of phone’s proximity sensor to lock and unlock cellphone screen. This Lock app will help you to lock or release the cellphone’s screen by way of no longer touching any button at the smartphone so that you can save phone buttons for long time. It uses proximity sensor to perform display screen ON/OFF operations.

In Wave to unlock, Lock app have below capabilities:

1. Wave to lock screen
2.Wave to unlock display screen
3.Shake to lock screen
4.Shake to unlock display

In this, Lock app we’ve to Wave to unlock, Lock option and Shake to unlock, Lock options. All you need to do is just go to app and ON/Off which function you want as in keeping with your comfort whether or not it’s a Wave to liberate, Lock feature or Shake to release, Lock option. The usage of Proximity Sensor is the first-rate technique to lock or unlock the phone display without touching the smartphone. It’s easy to apply This Lock app all you want to do is ON Wave to lock option if you wants to Lock display by waving your hand in front of the smartphone display. in addition you could Wave once more to unlock, Shake to lock and Shake to unlock.

In this app you may chose any off the four alternatives to lock or unlock phone display like Wave to lock, Wave to unlock, Shake to lock and Shake to unlock. In this app we have Settings inside the app in which you can alter Sensor sensitivity to Low, Medium or excessive. in step with the Sensitivity level app begin operating smoothly via the usage of Wave to unlock, Lock app you may keep battery electricity because if phone is in ON status then the cellphone Battery gets drain out quick so this app will help you speedy Lock display and store cellphone Battery. additionally you could store phone buttons from frequently pressing.

You can observe assist section inside the app Wave to unlock, Lock in case you wants to understand greater about the functionalities in the app. If you desire now not to use this app and uninstall this app then go to Settings and select Uninstall choice to remove it out of your smartphone. The app is free to download and use it. you can download free of charge from Google Play. enjoy the app. Use the app and please provide us your valuable recommendations and remarks to improve app capability.